We are a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Azospirillum, a Nitrogen Fixing Biofertilizer.

The product is also known as : Nitrogen fixing bacteria, Azospirrilum liquid, Nitrogen fixer, Azospirillum liquid bio fertilizer,Nitrogen fixing bio fertilizer.

Nitrogen present in the atmosphere is made available to plants by symbiotic nitrogen fixers such as Azospirillum. When mixed with soil, the bacteria multiplies into the billions and begin fixing atmospheric Nitrogen into the soil. This leads to a significant boost in productivity and promotes good plant health.

Bio-efficiency: Atmospheric Nitrogen are fixed by the bacteria and made available to plants


1. Nitrogenase enzyme fixes Nitrogen within the Rhizosphere and makes it available to plants.

2. Growth promoters are secreted by the bacteria that fortifies soil by releasing bacterial metabolites.

3. The nitrogen fixing rate of Azospirillum sp is 20 to 40 Kgs N/ha.

4. The bacterium results in an increase of 15 to 30% in overall yield.

5. Vegetative growth and root development sees a substantial improvement.