Also Known As: Symbiotic Nitrogen fixer,Nitrogen fixing bacteria, Nitrogen fixing biofertilizer, Seed germinator.

Rhizobium sp. is the symbiotic nitrogen fixer which assimilates atmospheric nitrogen and fixes in the root nodule, formed in the roots of leguminous plants. It promotes seed germination increases root and shoot growth, reduce requirement of chemical nitrogenous fertilizers (40%-45%) and increases yield.

Bio- efficiency: Makes symbiotic association with the plants and fixes the atmospheric nitrogen.


1. Nitrogen fixation in the root and stem nodules through the action of nitrogenase enzyme.

2. It adheres on the surface of root and enters through the root hair. Inside the cortical cells it forms symbionts and fix nitrogen.

3. The enzyme will reduce the molecular nitrogen to ammonia which is readily utilized by the plant.

4. Rhizobium can fix 50-200 kgs N/ha in one crop season and can leave behind substantial quantities of about 20-30 kgs N/ha for the succeeding crops.

5. It can increase yield up to 10-35%.

6. Due to Rhizobial activities, the root hairs and nodules secrete a mucous substance which enhances the soil fertility and growth of the plant.

7. By means of seed treatment, the germination of seeds gets stimulated and in turn increase crops yield potential.