Manufactured By BioAtlantis Ltd, Ireland

M/s. Pushpa J Shah is the Sole Distributor of BioAtlantis products in India.

Super fifty is world’s highest concentrated alkaline extract of Ascophyllum nodosum algae (500 g/L concentration), harvested from the Atlantic Ocean on the west coast of Ireland. This high-end product enhances plant responses to abiotic stress, giving rise to beneficial effects in terms of crop yield and quality parameters. Super fifty has been demonstrated by external universities to improve crop performance, marketable grade, soil bacteria count and root growth.

Super fifty is an International Brand of BioAtlantis, due to its excellent results it is accepted in across 50 countries worldwide.

Ascophyllum nodosum is the most researched seaweed worldwide for the use as a fertilizer & Biostimulant. It Stimulates proteins and growth promoting compounds, i.e. defensive proteins, enzymes production, structural proteins and Antioxidants.

Super fifty is certified to be used for Organic farming.

  • Certified by the Organic Trust

  • Listed by OMRI.

  • Approved by Ecocert.