Triacontanol0.05 Percent Ec

CAS No. 593-50-0 Group PGR.

We are providing Triacontanol 0.05% EC, which is one of the popular plant growth regulator. This PGR has highly effective Metabolic Activator. This regulator is ideal for increasing the fruit size, overall output of yields of crops, vegetables and others such as chilies, cotton, ground nut, mango, paddy, pineapple, tomato etc.

Chemical Composition of Triacontanol 0.05% EC

Triacontanol Tech. a.i. 00.05 % w/w

Emulsifiers 05.00 % w/w

Aromatic Solvent (C-IX) 94.95 % w/w

Total 100.00 % w/w

Empirical Formula: C30H62O

Molecular Weight: 438.8

Structural Formula: Complex Ester form of Propylene alcohols.

Dosage of Triacontanol 0.05% EC

250ml of formulation should be used per hectare. It should be diluted with 400-500 lts. of water.

Packaging of Triacontanol 0.05% EC

It is available in 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 liter PET bottles.

Bulk packaging is done as per client's requirements.

Targeted Crops of Triacontanol 0.05% EC

Fruits such as Pineapple, Mango etc.

Crops such as Cotton, Paddy, Tomato, Chilies, Ground Nut