Azotobacter chroococcum

We are bulk Manufacturer and Supplier of Azotobacter Nitrogen Fixing Biofertilizer

Also Known As: Non- Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixer,Nitrogen fixing Biofertilizer, Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria, Biofertilizer.

Azotobacter is a free living non symbiotic aerobic nitrogen fixing bacteria found in rhizosphere zone of many plants. Azotobacter produces a variety of growth promoting substances like Indole acetic acid (IAA), Gibberellins (GA), Vitamin- B and anti fungal substances. Another important characteristic of Azotobacter is excretion of ammonium salts in the rhizosphere. It fixes approximately 20-30 kg of biological nitrogen per hectare per season.

Bio- efficiency: Fixes the atmospheric nitrogen and makes it available for plants.


1. Fixes 20-30% nitrogen required by crop and Improves seed germination too.

2. Improves the growth of crops by nitrogen fixation and by producing growth- promoting substances.

3. Reduces usage of chemical nitrogen fertilizer by up to 25%

4. Non toxic to human, animals, plants and insects.