Mycorrhizal Granules

The Mycorrhizal Granules we offer contain a significant amount of mycorrhizal fungus that colonizes roots of plants and further grow in surrounding environments. Both ecto and endo mycorrhiza are formed by well over 90% of plant species across the planet. The granules aid in increasing the absorption capacity of roots thus directly improving yield and growth of the plant. The surface absorption area of plant roots see a significant increase between 100 and 1000 times. This results in a boost in the plants ability to access the various resources within the soil, necessary for adequate growth. The granules also release a number of powerful enzymes that help dissolve organic NPK and various other nutrients that are tightly-bound within the soil.

The formulation of the Endo and Ecto mycorrhiza we offer can be tailored as per requirement along with various fillers that are specific to each application.