Bio Fulvic Acid

We, M/s. Pushpa J. Shah are engaged in Import & supply of Bio Fulvic Acid.  The product is tested on various parameters before supplying to clients. Bio Fulvic Acid is highly demanded in agricultural field as it increases the growth of the crop.


1. Scavenges heavy metals

2. Enhances seed germination & growth. Improves the development of roots and shoots.

3. Bio fulvic is low molecular structure; it acts as natural chelate which enhance the uptake of nutrients.

4. Increases plant metabolism of proteins.

5. Aids chlorophyll synthesis

6. Increases the activity of multiple enzymes

7. Enhances cell division and elongation

8. Breaks down inorganic substances.

9. Detoxifies various pollutants.

10. Aids in the creation of fertile new soils

11. pH buffering capacity-soluble in acid & alkaline soils.