Liquid Seaweed Extract

Product Mfg. by BioAtlantis Ltd Ireland

M/s. Pushpa J Shah is the Sole Distributor of BioAtlantis products in India.

Alga 50: Extracted from Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed of west coast of Ireland. It is alkaline in nature and is among the most concentrated seaweed extracts in the world market (500 g/L concentration). The product is listed with OMRI and is registered for use as an organic supplement for enhancing the productivity of various crops.

Product Features:

1. It is highly soluble in water (>99% solubility)

2. The product is not handled manually while under manufacturing and during the supply chain

3. Certified for organic farming

4. High Antioxidant activity

5. Reduces Abiotic stress

6. Customized to suit the specific requirements of regions along with preservatives wherever required.