Roasted Bentonite Granules

M/s. Pushpa J  Shah is bulk manufacturer of Roasted Bentonite Granules located at GIDC Panoli  Ankleshwar, Gujarat. These granules are made of pure stone free Bentonite Clay which is roasted at  700 degrees temperature. At this temperature granules become calcined, inert  & sterile and thereby widely used as carrier in formulation of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, bio-pesticides and Bio-fertilizes (Mycorrhiza). Roasted  granular products have wide acceptance among growers.

Benefit as filler

  •   It remains free flowing after absorbing 20 % liquid thereby can be formulated at higher concentration of technical.
  •  As the granules comes in contact with  water, it releases the active ingredients slowly over a long period of time  hence reducing the chances of wash out in heavy rain or water logging  condition.
  •  Acts as a preservative of active  ingredients. It saves the technical ingredient from the direct ultraviolet rays  of sun.
  •  It is inert therefore does not react with  the technical ingredient and increases shelf life.
  •  Due to its hardness and high absorbent  capacity, while formulation it does not stick to the wall of granulator or form  cakes.
  •  As it is in granular & dust free  formulation, therefore it prevents the farmer from toxicity effect by  inhalation of dust particles.
  •  Due to high porosity & liquid holding  capacity these granules show encapsulation properties.
  •  As granules are in hard solid form therefore  there are less chances of dust formation in the supply chain thereby maintains  the quality of finished goods



  • Size: 08-10 ASTM (2.36 MM to 2 MM) Oversize under size +/- 5%
  • Color: Bluish gray
  • Formulation: Granular
  • Liquid holding Capacity: Free flowing at 7 % mass by mass.
  • Packing: Second hand HDPE bags.
  • Bags weight: 35 kg approx It is Non hazardous and natural friendly filler
  • PH: 7 (Neutral)
  • Solubility: It gets disintegrate directly when it come in contact of water. 


Technical Details