Raw Bentonite Granules

What is It: Raw Bentonite Granules are made from selected pure stone free Bentonite clay

Uses: They are widely used as carrier  in formulation of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, bio-pesticides, Plant  growth promoter and Bio-fertilizers. Apart from filler, it also benefit as  natural soil conditioner.

Proprieties: It is soft clay, it loosens  the soil and allows air as well as other nutrients to reach the roots. If it is  mixed with seed while sowing it soften the soil near the seed and help the  new roots to grow. On coming in contact of water it immediately allow the  formulated to release in soil.  It is a low cost but natural friendly  product. 

  • Size: 08-10 ASTM (2.36 MM to 2 MM)
  • Oversize under size +/- 5%
  • style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt; line-height: 150%;">Formulation: Granular
  • Liquid holding Capacity:  Free flowing at 7 % mass by mass.
  • Packing: Second hand HDPE bags.
  • Bags weight: 35 kg approx
  • It is Non hazardous and nature  friendly filler
  • PH: 7 (Neutral)
  • Minimum order quantity: 10 MT

Technical Details