We are manufacturer, exporter of Triacontanol 1% EW, a well known compound used for enhancing the process of photosynthesis. This compound is also useful for the reproduction and growth of the plant. The growth of plant is dependent on amount of photosynthesis in crop's foliage. With our compound, the said amount is optimized and consequently the microbial activity gets a boost. Subsequently, the mining and solubility of the mineral nutrition are also increased. This further results in production of extra number of plant compounds which make the plant more resistant to diseases and pests.

In short, with our compound Triacontanol 1% EW the process of photosynthesis and every growth function of the plant are optimized.

Benefits to Plants - Triacontanol 1% EW

  • Secondary messengers are activated, which results in increased enzymatic and hormonal activities. These are responsible for enhancement in the brix level in fruit.

  • Cell division rates are increased which helps in larger root and shoot mass.

  • Decreases flower, leaf drop and fruit drop.

Increases the following processes:

Crop height

Earlier maturity

Flower buds

Foliar fertilizer

Leaf permeability to water

Mineral uptake

Photosynthesis rate

Plant moisture retention

Root mass and length

Synthesis of proteins

Tillering and branching