Tria Enhancer


Tria Enhancer is our breakthrough product crafted with proprietary technology and powerful microbial strains. <1 g per acre is enough to add microbial benefits to improve soil micro flora, fertility and crop health. 
Say goodbye to traditional methods, and embrace the future of farming. Experience superior results, with minimal dosage.

Proprietary Technology, Superior Results

Our cutting-edge formula harnesses the potential of unique microbial strains for maximum efficiency.

Less is More, Minimal Dosage, Maximum Impact

With less than 1 gram per acre, achieve unparalleled results compared to traditional bio fertilizers.

Elevate Your Crop Yield

Transform your farming practices and optimize productivity with our advanced biofertilizer solution.

Join the Agriculture Revolution

Be at the forefront of innovation and sustainability in agriculture with our revolutionary product.

Product features:  

Excellent storage & transit stability 
Guaranteed shelf life
Very low dose <1 g per acer
Novel Delivery system
Suitable for Shipping Online


Stable in all seasons and Climatic conditions
Very high CFU count
Zero Contamination
Compatible strains

Dose :  

1-2 Vial contents per acre 

Method of application:  

Seed Treatment, Add adequate amount of water to make slurry for seed coating. 

Drenching and soil application: Dilute the vial content in 5L water and allow activating for 2-3 hours, use the prepared solution for drip irrigation, drenching or soil application. It can be mixed with other bio agri-Inputs, if required.

Effective on plants:

Vegetables, Cereals, Pulses and Fruit crops