Carrabiitol Biostimulant


Global climate change is a significant threat to the survival of natural ecosystems. Climate change is a dynamic, multifaceted system of alterations in environmental conditions that affect abiotic and biotic components of the world. It results in alteration in environmental conditions such as heat waves, the intensity of rainfall, CO2 concentration and temperature that lead to rising in new pests, weeds and pathogens. Climate change is predicted to increase the risk of hybridization‐induced extinction of natural varieties of crops. Climatic variation, even for a short period, adversely affects the physiological development of plants & yield. Efforts from researchers are required towards discovering safe single molecules which can elevate resilience in plants to withstand the uncertain climatic stress. Apart from the traditional inputs like Fertilizers, agrochemicals & bio stimulants (growth promoters), there is a necessity of a product line which can precisely help plants to combat climatic stress.

Carrabiitol is a Novel patented product that maintains the osmotic balance of plant cells by activating precise signaling pathways via "Knock-on" impact. Carrabiitol induces plant resilience against abiotic stress conditions, thereby maintaining quality yield under adverse growth conditions. 

Key Benefits  

Enhances vigor and strengthens the plant under abiotic stresses
Maintains osmotic balance of the cells
Increases Marketable Yield under abiotic stresses                  
Activates precise signaling pathway based on "Knock-on" Impact 
Maintains the cytosolic PH of the cells                                    
Prevents damage to macromolecules like proteins, Enzymes and DNA.

Stage of Application: 

Before the critical growth stage of the plants. Can also be applied as a precautionary measure based on weather forecast.  


Foliar, seed priming 

Effective on plants:

Vegetables, Cereals, Pulses and Fruit crops 


@1-3 Liter/hectare. Dilution 3 ml per liter of water.