Double Roasted Granules

M/s. Pushpa J  Shah is bulk manufacturer of Double Roasted Granules. Our annual turnover in production is around 40000 Mt. We provide superior quality heavy metal & dust free granules. As per  traditional practice in India, granular agri inputs are highly preferred and  demanded by farmers. Due to its granular nature it can be broadcasted along  with regular dose of fertilizers.


1) Have a high liquid holding capacity. It remains free flowing after   absorbing 15 to 20 % liquid.

2) It  acts as a preservative of active ingredients.  It saves the technical ingredients from the direct ultraviolet rays of sun.  Since it is inert, It does not react with the technical material.

3) It is made of natural mineral clay so it is  non-hazardous and non-alkaline material. 

4) After it comes in contact of water it releases the active ingredients slowly over a long period of time hence reducing the chances of wash out in heavy rain or water logging condition.

5) As it is roasted at 700 degree temperature, material becomes inert & sterile which is preferable for Microbial products as it prevents the chances of contamination and increases the shelf life. 

6) These granules are roasted using approved fuel like furnace oil & natural gas.

7) Formulated granules are advised to mix with seeds while sowing, this will enable slow release of active material in rhizospere which can boost initial growth



  • Size: 08-10 ASTM (2.36 MM to 2 MM) Oversize under size +/- 5%
  • Color: bluish gray
  • Formulation: Granular
  • Liquid holding Capacity: Free flowing at 7 % mass by mass.
  • Packing: Second hand HDPE bags.
  • Bags weight: 35 kg approx It is Non hazardous and natural friendly filler
  • PH: 7 (Neutral)
  • Solubility: It gets disintegrate directly when it come in contact of water.