Endo- Mycorrhiza

Known as Arbusculer mycorrhiza, Endomycorrhiza forms arbuscules within the root cells of plants. The mycorrhiza significantly increases the absorption capacity of root cells by inducing both physiological and morphological changes. The product aids plants in utilizing available nutrients to the fullest, this is especially effective in areas that have soil with lower mineral content. This ensures maximum retention of nutrients that are soluble, which in turn reduces soil colloid reactions.

The product further increases the transfer rate and mobilization of various macro as well as micro nutrients such as P,N,K, Cu and Zn. Additionally, the product substantially increases nodulation. Establishment and fixation of atmospheric N2 in legumes

The interaction between plants and pathogens is modified leading to a significant decrease in diseases caused due to soil. Plant growth is boosted as the environment is detoxified by AM fungi.