Triacontanol Granules

We are manufacturer of Triacontanol Gr and possess valid registration for manufacturing and supply of Triacontanol products.  TRIACONTANOL GR 0.05% Min is a PGR that has an effective metabolic activator. It is perfect for increasing yield of crops and is ideal for increasing the size of fruits

Specialty: Our Triacontanol is extracted from botanical sources by Patented technology.

Organic Certification : The Product is certified as per NPOP standards.




Triacontanol Technical

00.05 % w/w

Emulsifiers & Solvent, Dye                     

00.70 % w/w

Blank Granules

99.25 % w/w


100.00 % w/w


Recommended dosages per hectare: @ 25.00 kg of formulation to be broad cast per hectare or as being recommended by the local authorities.