Triacontanol Granules

TRIACONTANOL GR 0.05% Min is a PGR that has an effective metabolic activator. It is perfect for increasing yields of crops such as paddy, cotton, tomato, groundnut, chillies and others. Further, the triacontanol granules are ideal for increasing the size of fruits such as mango and pineapple. These granules also boost the growth of various vegetables.


Triacontanol Tech. a.i.                            00.05 % w/w

Emulsifiers & Solvent, Dye                     00.70 % w/w

Blank Granules ( 10-20)                         99.25 % w/w

Total                                                      100.00 % w/w

 Recommended dosages per hectare:  @ 25.00 kg of formulation to be broad cast per hectare or as being recommended by the local authorities.

 Empirical Formula:      C30H62O                      Molecular Weight: 438.8

Structural Formula: Complex Ester form of Propylene alcohols.

Expiry: Three years from the date of manufacture.

Packing: As per customer requirement.

Formulation: Granular

Color: Black

Minimum Order Quantity:  16 Mt

In INDIA this product is notified under Central Insecticide Board as PGR