Phosphate Solubilizing Bacterium (PSB)

Also Known As: Phosphobacteria, Phosphate Solubilizing Biofertilizer, PSB, Organic Acid Producer

This phosphorous solubilizing bacterium when applied to the soil solubilizes the insoluble complex phosphorous and thereby makes it available to the plants. Several soil bacteria and fungi notably species of BacillusPseudomonasAspergillus, and Penicillium secretes organic acids and lowers the PH in their vicinity to bring about solubilization of bound phosphates in soil.

 Bio-efficiency: Fixes the atmospheric phosphorus and makes it available for plants


1. The introduction of efficient phosphate solubilizers in the rhizosphere of crops increases the availability of phosphorus by secreting organic acids like Citric, Oxalic, Succinic, Tartaric, Malic acids in the soil environments. By the hydrolytic activities of bacterial organic acids the insoluble phosphorus becomes soluble in the soil.

2. These organisms play a major role in the solubilization and uptake of native and applied phosphorus. 

3. Fortification of the soils with bacterial metabolites