Zyme Granules

We are Bulk Formulators of Zyme Granules.  We formulate granules as per  the customized requirement of party with different types of ingredients.

What are Zyme Granules:

These are Blank Granules formulated with Bioactive substances which plays an active role in plant growth. It works as a natural chelate and stimulate uptake of nutrient in plant and also enhances the micro flora of soil. Zyme itself may or may not be a nutrient. It enhances the activity & uptake of other fertilizers when applied in the combination therefore, it is recommended to use it with other regular input.

General Ingredients: Macro & Micro nutrients, Enzymes, Amino Acid,  Seaweed extract, Hormones, Vitamins, Bio Fertilizers, botanical extracts, Humic and many such other ingredients.