Zyme Granules

What are Zyme Granules:

These are Blank Granules  formulated with Bioactive substances which plays an active role in plant  growth. It works as a natural chelate and stimulate uptake of nutrient in the  plant and also enhances the micro flora of soil.  Zyme itself may or may not be  a nutrient. It enhances the activity & uptake of other fertilizers when  applied in the combination therefore, it is recommended to use it with other  regular input.

We are Bulk Formulators of Zyme  Granules.  We formulate granules as per  the customized requirement of party with different types of ingredients.

General Ingredients: Macro & Micro nutrients, Enzymes, Amino Acid,   Seaweed extract, Hormones, Vitamins, Bio Fertilizers, botanical extracts, Humic  and many such other ingredients.