Liquid Silicon

Liquid Silicon

We are remarkable manufacturer, engaged in supplying a superior quality Liquid Silicon. It is formulated using premium quality compound and the latest machine at our well established production unit. The product is known to improve the nutrient uptake and transport it through the plant. In additions, this Liquid Silicon is also responsible for strengthening the cell wall of the plant and provides resistance against fungal attack.


  • Increases chlorophyll production and crop weight
  • Improves disease resistance
  • Increases uptake of available CO2
Further details: 

Silicon Based Potassium Fertilizer

Technical Specifications

Color             :           Clear to whitish viscous liquid
Odor              :           Odorless or slight musty odor
K2O               :           8.30 -12.70 % w/w
SiO2              :           20.8  26.50 % w/w
Solids            :           29.0  39.20 % w/w
Weight Ratio  :           2.10 - 2.50
Molar Ratio    :           3.29 - 3.92
pH                 :           11.3 - 11.70
Sp. gravity     :           1.25 - 1.38 at 25 C

Solubility        :          Water soluble  

This fertilizer is essential in strengthening the cell walls and increasing the leaf area resulting in effective photosynthesis. Some of the benefits of this fertilizer are mentioned below:

 Offers rigidity & toughness to leaves & there by prevents attack of sucking pests like Aphids, Jassids Thrips, Mites, White Fly etc.

  • As the leaf surface becomes hard the spores of diseases like Leaf Blight, Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew etc. Find difficulty in germination & there by prevents from the attack of above diseases.
  • Provides better colour & luster to produce & there by increases market value of product.
  • Enhances flowering, reduces fruit drop and protects from sun burn.
  • Strengthens the outer skin of the produce & there by helps in minimizing transport losses & improves keeping quality.
  • Provides protection against biotic & a-biotic stresses.