Ecto Mycorrhiza

A truly sustainable plant nutrition solution.

Ecto Mycorrhiza are the fungi that form symbiotic relationship with plant forming a sheath around the root tip of plant. It is widely used in western countries for better and more balanced growth of plant.

It acts as an aid to Endo Mycorrhiza and when used in combination, it increases the infection rate. It also helps in phosphate solubilization and nitrogen fixation.

Mode of Action: Mycorrhizal fungi come into direct contact with plant roots and soil, adding to the plants ability to gather nutrients and water from the surrounding. In exchange, plant feeds the fungus by sugars that is produced during photosynthesis. Thus,the relationship is beneficial to both. The plant receives more water and nutrients than it could on its own, and the fungus gets the food it needs for energy.

Product contains a combination of Ecto Mycorrhiza species. It can be used for formulation of different Biofertilizers (powder/granules) in combination with various other ingredients. We assure uniform quality on each dispatch.